Follow the Light – FFfAW

photo prompt provided by Sunayana with MoiPensieve

photo prompt provided by Sunayana with MoiPensieve

Title: Follow the Light
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of February 14, 2017
Word count: 170 words

The day spiraled in a cycle of meetings, client revisions and more meetings Her watch marked time slipping away. The deal was struck and the obligatory dinner celebration began. Thanks, but she had to go.

They rescheduled her flight. It was the last one leaving JFK. She wouldn’t get to Paris until midafternoon. Her watch ticked. Finally, she escaped and hailed a cab.

Hurry, she nearly screamed.

“Lady! You blind? Construction” he gestured at the orange signs.

She arrived at the gate just in time to board, only to discover the flight was being delayed. Weather, they said.

It was dark as she pushed past the crazy scooters. Their shrill horns marking her audacity. Almost there. She found the door and leaned hard to open it. It slammed shut as she dropped her bag and raced up the three flights

The nurse met her at the door. Her grim face said everything.


“I’ve been waiting.”

“Papa, did you see the lights?”

He nodded feebly.

“Yes Angel. My beautiful Angel.”


Keep on writing.

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