The Paradox — FFfPP

Title: The Paradox


Word count: 200 words


“But Doctor, this bottle says ‘Poison’.”

“That’s the one.” Doc held out his hand and waited. She hesitated before gingerly setting the bottle in his outstretched hand.

Doc pulled the stopper, carefully measuring two drops into the solution he was preparing.

“Aren’t we supposed to cure him?” she asked.

“Poison. Medicine. Two sides of the same coin.” He replaced the stopper and gave her the bottle. Turning back to his work he picked up a glass rod and swirled it in the cup. Laying it on the table, he passed the cup to Ruth.

“Give this to him. Make sure he drinks it all.”

“Doc?” Ruth’s voice shook.

Doc set the cup on the table and took both Ruth’s hands in his.

“Ruth the body is an amazing thing. If his body were well, this would make him sick. But he is ill and this will help him.”

Ruth nodded and took the cup. She walked to the cot where he lay. Ruth lifted his head and poured the concoction past his slack lips and down his throat. Then she waited. She sat by his bed through the night, hoping and praying. Exhausted, she slept.

“Ruth?” a raspy voice called.


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  1. i remember a tale like this before where poison was given as an antidote to another poison and its so amazing to recall that indeed poison and medicine are just two sides of the same coin, wonderful words! you did it well in just so few words.


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