Gottcha — FFfPP 26

Title: Gottcha
Word count: 190 words

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Margaret placed her hands in the small of her back and stretched. Her morning chores complete it was time to fix the children’s midday meal.

“Children,” she hollered as she reached for the screen door, “Get washed up for dinner.”

The screen door slammed behind her. The kitchen was cooler than the hot sun. Margaret darted around the kitchen, the sooner she finished this task the sooner she could sit and relax before starting supper.  She spread seven sandwiches across the table along with seven glasses of lemonade as the children stampeded to their assigned seats.

“Jason? Where is Jason?” silent shrugs answered her question.

At the back door, Margaret called Jason’s name through the screen. The yard was empty. Concerned creased her brow as she stepped into the harsh daylight.

“Jason?” she called, clean sheets billowing on the clothesline next to her.

“Grrr,” Jason growled slapping the sheet from the side opposite of her.

Margaret screamed, and Jason laughed. She flipped the sheet aside, grabbed his arm and pulled him toward her.

“Never do that again,” she said, swatting at his backside as she dragged him into the house.


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