Peter’s Express – FFfPP #27

Title: Peter’s Express
Word count:  156 words

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Lou hurried down the stairs, late his first day back since the incident. Turning the corner, he stopped face to face with Peter. Peter stood motionless, his back to the rails and the speeding express. He stared at Lou the question plastered on his face. Someone knocked into Lou and he looked away, off balance. When he turned, Peter had disappeared into a swirl of air left by the express. Lou tried to dismiss the image.

He never knew Peter; the cops introduced them last week. A college student going to class they said. They questioned him looking for a connection, a motive. A security camera analysis gave them an unsatisfactory answer. The crowd veered, like a school of fish, and Lou swayed with them, knocking into Peter. Off balance, Peter fell onto the rails in front of the oncoming express. A freak accident Lou would question every morning when he saw Peter and the express.


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Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. chilling and awakening tale. like the air captured and contained this scene for eternity. enjoyed the tension and slow ebb into realising this was a flashback but so tangible still. nice!

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