For All Time — FFfAW Challenge 173

Title:  For All Time
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Word count:   160 words

This week’s photo prompt is provided by wildverbs. Thank you wildverbs for our photo prompt!

Riina and Alex met at Riina’s cousin’s wedding. Alex was the best man and Riina’s cousin Meg made sure they spent lots of time together. Riina was embarrassed but Alex said it would be a great story to tell their kids. Riina couldn’t wait for the wedding to end.

After the wedding, Alex attended all the family events ignoring Riina. He made himself useful, running errands, picking up ice, or taking one of the old aunts home. He set up and organized the backyard volleyball games and helped clean when everyone left. Riina fell in love.

They dated, spent time together, planned their lives together. The family celebrated the wedding announcement and looked forward to the big day. It was only a cough, but the doctors deemed it terminal. The wedding went on as planned; the joy tainted with sorrow. Riina didn’t want the wedding to end.

They exited the church, the doves released, and Riina’s heart flew with them.

Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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