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This quote strikes a raw nerve with me. I watch other people zip of texts, emails, tweets and wish I had that ability. I agonize over the selection of every word, consider the meaning of each sentence and wonder how the reader will perceive what I have written. Sometimes the pressure is more than I can handle, and I remain silent.

How do you pause your inner critic? How do you allow yourself the freedom to just write?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. An interesting quote, Jo, especially as most people think writing comes easily to a writer. But most writers I know need to work at their creations in order to make it appear they were so effortlessly written. It can be an agonizing process for many. To finally ‘get ti right’ makes it all worthwhile.

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    • I think it is true of any discipline, sports, music, art… The people that make it look effortless are the ones who have spent hours drilling, practicing scales, putting paint on canvas. What is they saying? If it were easy everyone would do it. 😊


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  3. Good question. I feel there are times that my writing does come pretty effortlessly and at those times I feel different than other times. I can feel it in my heart and it’s almost like someone else is holding the pen.
    Other times it is more of a struggle. I think the reason that it is a struggle is because we care so much aboit our words. To us oir words are our gift to others and we want them just right.

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