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A curious thing has happened.

I started with a new purpose in mid-June, with a goal of writing something every day. As with any new habit making it happen was a struggle. Some days life interferes, and I struggle. I fight back carving out time to write, even if I start at 11:00 at night to make it under the wire.

One day the writing happened with ease. The word count I achieved amazed me. I assumed it was a fluke and forgot it. Until a few weeks later. That was novel. Then it happened again. Now I am intrigued.

I now show up to write with a sense of anticipation… Will today be the day when the writing, writes itself?

Have you experienced these moments?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

12 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. For the most part, if I have a block of time and I sit down to write, things tend to flow easily… it’s coming up with the time and the motivation that are difficult for me. And of course sometimes, writing is like pulling teeth… difficult, painful and gross.

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    • My backlog of ideas often drive me to make the time to write. As a matter of fact I get rather cranky if I don’t manage at least a few hundred words. And yes there are times when it is still difficult, and painful and gross. Why else would I drink? ☕ 😎

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  2. Robert A. Heinlein advised to pound out 2000 words a day, to become “a writer.” I can’t do it. I struggle for a week to finish one simple paragraph – and then compose 8 blog-posts in 5 days. For me, when it flows, it flows. I’ve gone to bed, and had to get back up to finish a theme. Well…. I’m long retired. I can get away with that. 😉

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    • Pounding out 2000 words a day is defiantly not for everyone. I believe the key is finding what works for you. Go with the flow. It sounds like you have days when you exceed 2k words.

      Thankfully we are all different otherwise the world would be a boring place. 😉


  3. Great post!! It’s great when the words flow to be sure but sometimes it’s fun and challenging to piece things together like a jigsaw puzzle! I have found for me the best way to get a flow going is to write from the inspiration of a photo! I find that “The Backside Of The Night” is the most productive time for me 3-7 a.m. when the house is dark and quiet and I’ve had some sleep. See if that works for you to.

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    • Photos are a great source of inspiration, but I have also used songs, words from a poem or just a random thought as the kick in the pants to get me started.

      I really want to try writing from 4am until I run out of steam, but right now my life is a little Topsy-turvy and I often don’t get to sleep until 1 or 2am. So I am writing when I can fit it in. Thanks for the tip. 😊

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