Full Time — FFfAW Challenge

Title: Full Time
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Word count: 160 words


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Michelle De Angelis. Thank you, Michelle!

It was a long, hot summer and Alysia had nearly finished. The thirty-three-foot Chris Craft needed a total overhaul. She purchased her in early spring and by St. Patrick’s Day had the boat gutted. The wooden hull was sound and didn’t need a lot of patching. She sanded, caulked, painted and varnished. She applied six coats of varnish herself. The engine, however, needed a complete overhaul.

Then she ran out of money. Alysia took a second job, sold her apartment and moved onto the boat. She slept on the deck in a sleeping bag under the stars. The boat owners in the surrounding slips noticed and monitored her progress. She often found gifts on the boat when she returned from work.  When she questioned them, they laughed and denied her accusations.

The summer boaters winterized their boats as Alysia put the final touches on her full-time home. They threw a housewarming cookout and promised to be back in the spring.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

25 thoughts on “Full Time — FFfAW Challenge

    • Aw thank you. I never really occurred to me to write about the bridge. Here in the Chicago area we have a boat load of trunnion bascule bridges or “Chicago style” bridges. When they are raised they are just part of the landscape.

      Glad you liked the story. 😊

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  1. i like your story very much, one of my dreams is to live on the water and this seemed like the beginning of a really good life for her. the details of the story was what kept me reading.


  2. Nice, Jo hawk, you are the only one, i think, that did not have a bridge-centric story. I love boats and the water culture and if I thought my wife of 26 years would not leave me I would buy a boat and find a port to live for a year or two.

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