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The best way forward is the last part of this quote. At the end of each day, we should be able to read what we have written and know “we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

I write daily and know some pieces are more successful than others. I don’t beat myself up over the less than wonderful pieces because I know I have written the best as I could on that day. Every day I learn more, practice the fundamentals one more time and edit with more objectivity.

My faith is in the process and it doesn’t matter if I win or lose because I have already won.

How do you judge your work?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

12 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. really good quote and I hear of the Lombardi trophy a lot and so it was nice to see this wise quote.
    however, I do not even like the words win or lose –
    but I know what you mean how some pieces or our work seem to turn out better and oh so true that it is the process…
    let’s enjoy the journey and also lighten up as confidence builds 🙂

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    • Thanks Prior. The idea of winning or losing is a relative and continuously moving target and therefore virtually unattainable. That is the reason I highlighted the idea that the most we can do is our very best on any given task. If we can do that we are fulfilling our journey.

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      • wow – never thought of it that way – thanks for this:
        virtually unattainable
        __deep stuff


        and I did get your potent message and got it again now –
        “most we can do is our very best on any given task”

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  2. Loved your post and the quote! Very inspiring and insightful! Yes, we need to accept our work if we have “done our best” but for me, I always wonder! One of the reasons I like to leave my posts to simmer a few days (normally) before posting them, just to be sure they don’t need a little more polishing! Since not everyday is the same I like the looking back as a quality check. The other things I like about works that turn out to be “chestnuts” is that I often can find a seed of inspiration in them for something that does turn out better than the original from which it came! I love those moments! It’s wonderful if we can look at our work as you have stated, a continuing effort to reach a higher level. I also think it is wise to remember that simple is almost always the best and most beautiful!!!

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