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I could not have imagined the path I would travel when I first began to write. I have met wonderful people and I learn new things every day. I love facts and have often joked that my brain is stuffed full of useless information. Turns out it is damn handy.

Many times, I have been inspired to incorporate a reference to a Greek god or goddess, or the legend of a skilled Irish pirate queen. My stories have spurred me to research medieval living conditions, county plats of surveys from the 1890s, and details of the AK-47.

What have you learned from your writing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer


18 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I also have made awesome friends! Had no clue where this blogging journey was going to take me and never guessed the rich friendships I would make.
    My writing just keeps leading me to surprise discoveries . One of them being how far my imagination can go!

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  2. i am so glad for WP and meeting such amazing people, you Jo are one of them, you have brought me knowledge, shared about life and continue to be a huge encouragement to me.

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      • i get you on this, i guard my time and love my solitude, but the online connection is so precious to me as it gives me control over when I get to communicate and how much and also as much as i want with the important people who share this same love of writing. an encouraging community is so important to me, thank you for being here on my writing journey too.

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