Let Go — #MenageMonday

Title: Let Go
Source:  #MenageMonday Challenge
Word count: 290 words

Dreamstime, source

“You’re not really going to do this? Are you Daryl?”

I closed my eyes and wished for him to be silent.

“You know I’m not going anywhere. I can’t. Especially when you’re being stupid.”

I sighed.

“Daryl? Say something.”

“You know I have to try to save her. You heard her. The fate of the world is at stake.”

“Jesus, you bought that? Honestly, the only thing she is going to do is get you killed. Get me killed. She is a dark, twisted bitch.”

“But she is part of me just like you are. Besides, what if it’s true?” My words were barely audible as they left my lips. The rain pelted on the umbrella I held over my head and I wondered why people bothered to use them. My pants and shoes were soaking wet.

“Get over it, Daryl. Why do you always have to know the reason behind every little thing?”

“When have I ever steered us wrong?” I asked.

“Well… There was the time…”

“Shut up. Other than that one time?” There was a long silence as I waited for a response.

“Okay then. Can you trust me this one last time?”

“See? See? Even you think we are going to die. Admit it, Daryl. She’s sent you to your death. Our death.”

I had no words for him. He was most likely right. My gut knew I was the only one with the right skills. The only one who had a fighting chance of pushing back the light.

Lightening crackled over the House of Leaves and I shivered.


I pushed the other Daryl from my mind.

The die was cast, the path lay before me. It was up to me to end the game.


Keep on writing.

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