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Yes, I love when my writing makes me cry. Ostensibly, I cry because the writing evokes strong sympathetic emotions, not because it is bad.  I also love when my writing makes me laugh, or when it surprises me with a clever twist or when it makes me wonder about what comes next.

While I enjoy those personal moments, the real test is when someone else reads it. I wait, I hope, I dare not breathe.

Do you look for reader validation?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. Enjoyed the quote and it is always so tough to know how folks will perceive or view things – but if I connect with a few like-minded folks – that is so fulfilling – and brings the social aspect – but I also have some writing that is just for moi – ya know –

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  2. I write for me, to memorialize the words given to me from the Universe/My Muse/my inner voice! I do love it when I reread what I wrote that it chokes me up, makes me laugh or stop and think! The quickest validation I get when something I wrote is really good is if makes my wife cry. Those are the very best ones!! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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