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Lately, life has been a flurry of activity, appointments, deadlines, and demands. I rush from task to task, hurrying to complete each item by its appointed deadline. I pivot, twist, change directions and comply with new requests, additional information, and tactical adjustments.  Even my writing time has become one item to cross from my list, morphing and threatening to become more work than fun.

This is not acceptable. Time for a reset. Today I will take a break, breathe, and clear my schedule. No writing, no lists, no alarm clocks, no worries. A morning coffee, open space, a change of venue, and an opportunity to let my mind run wild. Today, it is dedicated to fun.

How do you remember why you started writing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

16 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. Great idea… I was just reading an article that said we draw writing inspiration from being by water, walking by water, taking a shower, sitting by a fountain. Any type of water allows our mind to rest and rejuvenate and become creative again.

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  2. Those pesky lists; the number one killer of creative thinking. I started journaling as a teen and have this specific memory of rereading something I had written a couple of weeks or months later and thinking, “Damn. That kid has some insight.” I realized then thoughts on a page get sorted out faster than thoughts trapped in the head. Hope you’ve successfully cleared your mind.

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