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Few people can claim the success title. Success is awarded to those audacious people who defy the crowd. They embrace different, weird, and eccentric. They court originality, independent thought, and defying group-think, they amaze the masses. It’s normal to desire normalcy, to crave the tribe’s acceptance, and the tribe wants its members to conform. It uses its power, exerting derision to eliminate the “different”, to enforce the homogeneous patterns which define the collective.

The road is lonely, being a writer requires solitary hours creating. We agonize over our decision to deviate from the crowd, acutely aware of our sacrifice, as we subject ourselves to the contempt of the tribe.  It’s the price demanded of those who embark on a path precious few dare travel.

Do you have the courage to join the superstars?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Writing is lonely, but I can attest to the fact that it cannot be done alone. My greatest weakness is not having a strong peer network. It is important, especially today. I think we have our own small tribes, but they don’t hinder us.

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  2. i love the quote. and agree with JM. we need time alone to ruminate and plan but we also need the network of support. isolating ourselves to produce the work but having the foundation of good peers are so important. We have a writing group that meets, anyone is welcome, we spend a few minutes introducing ourselves, then either break into groups or work alone in a cafe, reaching out when we need help or encouragement. i don’t go often but know i have some people to reach out to if i need them.

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    • I don’t disagree. Perhaps I have too many negative Nellies to contend with? 😠 They can really suck the initiative to do more out of a person. I have been told to slow down because I make everyone else look bad. The pressure to conform is intense, but it is also not my style to do less. I have to be wary of that tribe.

      I am glad you have a great group of people who support you, Gina. They are precious.😊

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