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I have a love affair with words, vocabulary, diction, expressions. It is a long list. Turning a phrase, evoking thoughts, feelings, and atmosphere can be accomplished by using, as Nancy says, le mot jeste.

I can spend a lot of time agonizing over a single word choice. Should I use “cold” or does “bitter” convey a meaning laced with harshness and resentment? Does the picture change if I select “crisp” instead? Can my reader smell an apple, recall a glorious autumn day, or see leaves changing color?  Or perhaps “glacial” is more appropriate? If words make fiction blossom, do I want my rose to “smell”, or should it have an “aroma”? What about a “fragrance”?

The astute writer takes these nuances into consideration as their prose paints the desired picture. Every single word carries its own image, flavor, or emotion. A single well-placed word can replace sentences and paragraphs filled with description. I know, I have deleted them in my editing process.

How much consideration do you place on word choice?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Good question… I think words also play a part in determining a writer’s “style” of writing. Some writers are very wordy and others are to the point. Every writing style appeals to a different reader. I try to write well and not overly fret on each word, instead focus on the story I am trying to tell and NOT lose “my voice,” because I tried to make every word so perfect that I’ve lost my writing style. Does that make sense?

    Sort of like interior decorating. If we go into a home that was done by an interior designer and it is so perfect that it looks beautiful, but it has no warmth. Better to have a home that shows a person’s personality with items from their travels or their interests… it can still be done by an interior designer, but the second home has warmth and a story in it, because you get a glimpse of WHO the owner is.

    Just my thoughts.

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    • Love your thoughts, my friend.

      As you suggest, there is a fine line between simply telling a story and telling a story which connects with the reader on an emotional level. That is what choosing the right word can sometimes help us do. The joy of reading and writing is the breath of styles, genre and stories. What appeals to some may not appeal to others. But thankfully there is no shortage of books to read. Like your professionally decorated interior, we are welcome to find on that suits our tastes.

      As writers we are lucky, if we don’t see the story we want, we can write it ourselves.

      Thank you for sharing. 💕

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