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This quote tickled me. There are characters in my head who would object to others questioning their existence. And that places a huge responsibility on my shoulders. I feel an obligation to them, to the stories they whisper in my ears and etch upon my heart. It is my job to introduce my dear friends to cherished readers. I want them to no longer live only in my head. I want them to live in the hearts and minds of my readers.

How do you tell your character’s stories?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. i ma revisiting the novel i was working on in November, life got in the way and other stories took precedence. Coming back to this old story made me realise how much i love my characters from this story, i need to plump them up a little more now. i saw that some writer’s create aesthetics for their characters, what do you think about that?

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    • I think it can be very helpful, especially when working on a novel or a series. I have created what I call a character profile. I include physical descriptions, backstory, character arc, main desire, major and minor flaws, idiosyncrasies and anything else that seems important. Normally the MC is so real to me I don’t need to refer to their document often, but it really helps with some of the less prominent characters.

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      • thanks Jo, I need to start making notes like that. I see this story developing really stronger now and am glad. it was really flimsy before, I had too many ideas and characters and it got cluttered and weak. the less prominent characters are ones that carry the story forward I feel but I need to focus on their really distinct characteristics. Appreciate this!!

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      • Gina, I am so happy it has helped you with your story. I love how in the process of writing we often find deficiencies in the story that need our skillful treatments. That is where our creativity steps in. Have fun.

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      • thank you it really did! and that is the fun part of writing after doing the boring stuff like plotting it out! and i hope you will have as much fun as I am/do!!

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      • yes i agree, i like the descriptive parts and getting to the whats next bits, but the mundane bores me!!

        i spent a good part of the weekend busy with other things but kept jotting down things for the novel, our little talk here had me thinking down new lines. hope you had a most fruitful weekend too!

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  2. Thank you for this, Jo Hawk! You are absolutely right about allowing characters who may not actually be traditional but who are absolutely among us, to take life in our writings. I’m working now on a story of “Starseeds” that is telling itself through my heart and typing fingers. It is such a sweet grandmother-joy.

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    • Your story sounds wonderful. There is something special about carrying a story which demands to be told. You speak passionately about your character and I know it will shine through your writing. Thanks for reading and commenting. ✨💕✨


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