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I don’t know if it is OCD, but I like when things are immaculate and ordered. There is something satisfying about having a place for everything and everything lives in its assigned spot. Clean house, sparkling windows and mirrors, freshly folded towels, spotless floors, and warm homemade cookies are my idea of a comfortable abode. My writing rituals are no less rigorous.

I set specific, time-sensitive and writing goals, which I scheduled and then analyze my progress. I demand high standards. Expecting perfection, my results are often less than gratifying, and yet better than I hoped. A clutter free desk and a blank document allow my mind to concentrate on writing without distraction.

What is your perfect writing environment?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Great post. My writing is based on inspiration rather than the exact place. I mean that my mind is going 24/7, so I might be at work and suddenly ideas come to me. I immediately write them down, so that I can elaborate and work on them later.

    I am taking a children’s book illustration class. I am not an illustrator, but it is fun learning how to create a book dummy, etc. Our art class has HUGE windows where the light comes in, we work on big tables where I can spread out my papers… so, last week, I thought – THIS environment, I find very inspiring.

    I like to go to a coffee shop to write, but I have not found one that is “inspiring” yet. STILL searching…

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    • There is a great deal to be said about the location were we write. I know clutter is distracting to me. A general sense of calm is so beneficial.

      I love that you have found a space that inspires you. Besides the class sounds amazing. Maybe there is a way to replicate it at home?

      I too am still in search of the right coffee spot. Who knew it would be so difficult? Best of luck on your adventures.

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  2. Oh… I made progress, I met with someone to see if they would make a good critique partner. Very nice person, but not a match. I need someone to be brutal, like an editor would be, in giving feedback — this was not quite right. However, I realized that “it is” important to find a group or a person where we can critique each other’s work. It’s the only way to make progress and make each other accountable for our work, so we can reach our goals. Also, in reviewing this person’s story, it made me think of mine and the holes that were in it. PROGRESS WAS MADE.

    How is your story coming along?

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  3. What places do you frequent? I find myself also in search of that true place, which is difficult considering how much “perfection” I require in my surroundings. LOL
    I tend to find myself wishing Starbucks wasn’t so… rowdy, for lack of a better word, though it seems to be the only choice for now.

    Needing the right setting in real life or suffer having nothing happen is one of the many curses of being a writer, I swear!

    Good luck on your work. 🙂

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    • I agree Starbucks is ok but doesn’t offer the exact environment I am looking for. It is interesting that what works one day may not work the next. Regardless I push on and try to get work done. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😊


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