It Doesn’t Pay to Work at Relaxing – Daily Quote


They tell us we must relax, unplug, recharge. The benefits of stress reduction are many. Relaxation promotes the clarity of our thoughts, increases reaction times, and improves performance. It becomes another item on our lengthy to-do list. We attack it like any other goal, and we work hard to relax. Disappointment plagues us when we cannot hit our target, and we produce the opposite of our desire and increase our anxiety levels. Our objective grows more elusive the harder we try, and we obsess with the mantra of “I must relax, I must relax, I must relax.”

But it is impossible to make our thoughts disappear. However, there are methods for learning to decrease the chaotic and distracted thinking whirling through our minds. With meditation, yoga, or breath work, we can minimize negative feelings decreasing their frequency to create room for calmness, quiet reflection and find the path to discovering the source of our energy.

What tricks do you use to relax?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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