Cutting Deep – #MenageMonday!

Title: Cutting Deep
Source:  #MenageMonday! Challenge Week 2x 41

Source: Dreamstime

I struggle, fighting tangled sheets, I reach for my phone, knowing it’s him.

“Hey,” I answer. My speech is thick and breathless.

His voice sounds distant in my ear.

“You sound so far from home,” I hear myself say.

There is laughter, his friends shout hello to me as he shoos them aside.

“You’re so far away from me. We’re half a world apart,” I explain facts he already knows.

A door closes. He is alone now, and I am his desire. Beneath the almost imperceptible slur, his voice deepens and sweet memories tingle on my skin.

“We only make out on the telephone. It’s not the same,” I tell him.

He makes promises. I can recite them. I have repeated them so many times, cried countless nights, and believed in him. Will I never stop?

“You’re sitting in the sun,” I repeat, blinded by his accounts, truly happy for his triumphs.

“While I’ve been in the rain,” I say, but perhaps those words are only spoken to myself.

I wait for the call to end; a click and the line is dead. Laying the phone in the charger, I feel his arms around me, pulling me close. I roll towards him, eyes closed. His scent is asphyxiating as the tendrils snake into my mind, they wind down my throat and ensnare my heart. Our kiss is filled with longing, hope, undeniable love, and tears.

“You should tell him,” he whispers.

“Trust me.”

It is a promise I must keep.


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