For Best Results, Jump – Daily Quote 


I have favorite authors, cherished books and poems committed to memory.  Their words and the stories they create enrich my life, but I don’t want to write in their style. The mold that shaped them is not the one which created me. Forcing myself to follow in their footsteps is the fastest way to kill creativity. So, I don’t even try.

Those writers, authors, creators, and dreamers inspire bravery. Daring to pursue your own path means you walk alone. It pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone and forces you to jump. Life doesn’t hand you a parachute, bear repellent, or sunscreen as you head into the unknown. Friends and family offer sage advice, saying you don’t know what’s out there. They beg you to return to safety.

As a creative, it’s like asking you to stop breathing. The world needs your ideas. Stories, remarkable paintings, new devices, beautiful music are the products of those searching for great achievement.

What achievement will you give the world?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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