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When I was in school, the teachers taught facts, drilled them into our heads and tested how well we remembered them. I believed the hype. I joined the debate team. Winning required developing a strong case for your position, defending it with irrefutable evidence, and showing the fallacy and ill-logical conclusions presented by the opposing team. Easy-peasy. Facts win. Until they change.

Pluto used to be a planet, once there were only four oceans, Mount Everts may not be the tallest mountain, and the Brontosaurus never existed. Facts represent the best knowledge we currently have. History is full of examples of things humans once considered being “facts” that we no longer believe. Leaches anyone?

Basing decisions on irrefutable facts is like walking on shifting sand. It becomes an exercise in futility that only delays action. It the face of changing facts, what are us mere mortals supposed to do? I am opting for grabbing hold of my dream and running with it.

What facts are stopping you from pursuing your dreams?


Keep on writing.

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4 thoughts on “When Facts Get in the Way – Daily Quote 

  1. I never believe in facts. One day if you eat eggs, you will get cancer and die, the next day research shows eggs are good for you. I always found researchers interesting too. On the one hand we need research, on the other, as a proofreader to PHD books, I also learned that a 500 page book says the same nonsense over and over again, but they had to get their books published for tenure. Anyhow, research starts out good, but then it is meant to be proven wrong, so it goes on and on.

    Oh, I always find it amusing on Chef shows too, where they tell promising chef that a certain dish can NEVER have crazy stuff on it or be changed. OK, the dish can be changed, it just needs a different name. Sometimes I think the Master Chefs are just surprised that they did not think to change the dish a bit. AH… FACTS.

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    • It is not just eggs, there is red meat, super foods, and the food pyramid. Research is amazing and we have discovered mind blowing technology, but as you say they are findings that other researchers try to dis-prove. It can be very confusing.

      Enjoy the Chef shows 🙂👍

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