Unexpected Love – FFfPP

Title: Unexpected Love
Word count: 200 words

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My love affair started on our honeymoon, and I can assure you it’s not what you think. His idea. I preferred sleeping until noon, finding a great espresso in a cute shop and spending the afternoon wandering through the Uffizi. Waking up at four am was not on my agenda. Who does that on their honeymoon?

He was insistent. I figured since he conceded to the big wedding I wanted, and with our vows echoing in my ears, I agreed. That’s how I found myself, in a car racing down winding roads carved through farm fields on my way to Montepulciano.

We stepped onto dew cover grass, as the last evening stars faded from view. In the middle of the field a dragon roared, exhaling fire, its hot breath inflated the multicolored envelope. We stood in awe as the balloon took shape and began to lift the gondola. The pilot motioned to us and we climbed aboard.

We lifted off as the sun broke the horizon. Soon we floated above the treetops. I discovered I was holding my breath. In the quiet, I heard the blood pumping through my veins. I was suddenly more alive than I had ever been.


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