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It never fails. I expect it at this time of year. The scratchy throat, watery, itchy eyes, and the achy feeling in my head that makes me wish someone would hit me with a baseball bat because it would hurt less. The timing is impeccable, coinciding with the busiest days before the holidays. You know the pivotal juncture where your plans hinge on expert execution of key details. The week which ensures every beloved family member and each cherished pet will experience a holiday to surpass every other.

The common cold threatens to derail your carefully constructed strategy. Despite astounding medical advances, miraculous modern inventions, they haven’t discovered a cure for this ailment. Doctors say to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest (yeah, right), and drink warm liquids. Homemade chicken soup and brewed tea top the list. My calendar is overflowing, my agenda runs longer than I can manage, and I am clueless how to squeeze in these extra requirements.

The best recommendations say the cold runs its course in one to two weeks. That means I will recover just in time to collapse from exhaustion on Christmas Eve and sleep through until New Year’s Day. Another fabulous holiday preserved forever with photos and my foggy memories.

How do you combat holiday colds?


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  1. here in Africa, we have a horrible tasting ailment made from some plant I do not know that can do wonders for a cold so long as you’re willing to walk around with a bitter taste in your mouth for the better part of a whole week. Me, I prefer to face the cold rather than face the possibility of such bitterness

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  2. This may be a repeat, for the one I wrote seems to have vanished into the ether!
    Rotten timing to get a cold, but my homemade remedy usually works for me.
    Chop up a couple of lemons, add a little sugar and water and bring to the boil. Simmer for five minutes. Allow to cool before adding honey. Repeat as often as you like. I do hope this works for you, Jo…

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