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I love decadent Sunday mornings. The luxury of spending just one more minute snuggled under a warm, fluffy, duvet is a rare gift. I like to keep my morning simple, and my first order of business is a cup of steamy, strong, black coffee. Adding to my self-indulgence is a regal, weekend-only treat.

I am a croissant connoisseur. A croissant snob. They must be delicate, flaky, light, and oh so buttery.  I prefer them gently warmed. Few things are more extravagant than a homemade, perfectly baked, golden moon, plucked directly from the oven. You can hold the chocolate, almonds, powdered sugar, whipped cream, pastry cream, figs, raspberries, apples, bananas, the Nutella, and even that extra pat of butter.

The idea croissants are fait maison, and eaten immediately is a dream, and I resort to my neighborhood bakery.  Set on a plain white plate, essential for containing the flaky crumb fallout, I alternate a delirious bite with a sip of earthy coffee. My morning explodes into ascending levels of pleasure.  One is never enough. Three, however, is far too many.

What is your favorite breakfast ritual?


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10 thoughts on “Indulging in A Perfect Sunday Morning – Daily Quote

  1. the croissant is as mouthwatering as your words. I love the way your words have enticed me to seek out a morsel of this buttery flaky decadence. Alas, it is afternoon now and we are dunking doughnuts in local tea. My morning ritual? An Americano with a splash of milk and fruit. This is such a lovely piece of writing Jo.

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  2. Yes, this is a lovely post, Jo. I expect you have single-handedly turned most of the population into croissant addicts.
    I don’t like to eat first thing in the morning, but my first cup of weak milky tea is almost sacrosanct!

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  3. This is good timing, for I bought some more croissants today. My town doesn’t have a bakery, and I continue to be befuddled why or why not. So I have to rely on the grocery store, which makes decent plain (butter) croissants. Lately, I’ve been feeling like having these each morning. I don’t know how long I can do this, so bread for toast is standing by. Croissant or toast or something else, there is a cup (usually one, only) of dark-roast coffee with half-and-half and Splenda.

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    • We make do with what is readily available, based on our circumstances. I’m not opposed to making them from scratch, in fact I enjoy a good baking session. But there is no way I can make or eat them on a daily basis. A pot of hot black coffee…. that is imperative. ☕☕

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