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It happens to the best of us. We plan and schedule, set boundaries, minimize distractions, and we still get blindsided. A family emergency, a burst water pipe, a bout of flu, a flat tire, or an unexpected snowstorm slated for rush-hour can derail a meticulously crafted itinerary and creates a time jam. We live time-crunched lives where everyone’s default setting is “busy,” and we wear the badge with pride.

When situations arise, when we cannot manage, we shift into overdrive and sped down the road toward burn-out. Along the way, we begin our battle, declare war on reality and wonder why we can’t have our heart’s desire right now.

If your days are like mine, my schedule sometimes consumes every waking moment. Keeping yourself off the casualty list when everything goes sideways is often about your perspective. We want good things to happen. It is the impetus behind the work. But there is no reason to carry the burden alone. It is ok to ask for help. Asking is difficult, it hurts my soul, chips my ego, and proves I am human.

Part of the human condition is ambition, the need to leave a mark, improve our life, and lend a hand to others. A packed calendar is my ticket to making improvements possible and being dead dog tired at day’s end ensures a decent night’s sleep. I find when I have a compelling why help arrives at my door. Besides, it is better than sliding into cruise control and binging Netflix.

What reason drives your busy schedule?


Keep on writing.

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12 thoughts on “Making Time for Great Things – Daily Quote 

  1. This could be the year when cruise control comes into its own. Most of us are tired with burning the candle at not just both ends, but in several other places too. Time to re-evaluate and make time for peaceful, healing activities…

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  2. A busy schedule is driven by someone else’s need, or else I wouldn’t have a busy schedule. Not for myself. I used to direct learning programs for people of all ages. The need for folk to have the chance to learn is what drove me. People would ask me to do other things, and if I did them then that would be in response to their needs. I really hadn’t thought this through, before. (And so I’m grateful to you, again.) I don’t mean to sound noble. Maybe I have no sense of direction for myself.

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    • There is nothing wrong with helping other people and letting their needs determine large parts of your schedule. There are a couple of caveats… First, the underlying reason for your help should be aligned with your core values, and second, that you ensure you are operating at optimal levels to make sure you can offer your best support. If you have those 2 covered, you are doing great. Allow yourself to feel a little noble. 😎

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