Welcome to the Weekend – Daily Quote 


Despite our best planning, brilliant juggling, inspired delegation skills, and a commitment to finish projects, shit happens. Life delivers hours long traffic jams, and hectic is an understatement. Coworkers pack your inbox with emergencies, thoughtlessly making them your problem (because you are the expert at finding solutions). When you think it can’t get any worse, a truckload of lemons arrives on your doorstep.

TGIF. I need a lovely meal, preferably one I don’t have to cook. The hostess informs me that unless I want to eat at 5 pm or 10 pm, the minimum wait time is an hour and fifteen minutes. This introvert is not amused. I have no desire to bump around like a pinball in wall-to-wall people. Where is my friend with the alcohol? There is nothing better than a quiet drink savored after surviving a hellish week, before succumbing to absolute exhaustion.

I am excited for the impending weekend, the promised opportunity of sleeping late, avoiding work-related obligations for two whole days, and the room I need to relax and recover. When I can breathe, I plan to organize and schedule next week. My goal is to get back on track. Is anyone interested in a few lemons?

How do you recuperate after a busy week?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend – Daily Quote 

  1. Have a restful weekend Jo, do things that make you happy and be ready for the week ahead. its the Chinese Valentine Day here and we are doing something special with the family. that is a good way to prepare me for the coming week after a very hectic one that passed.

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