Finding Home in the Great Outdoors – Daily Quote 


When the going gets tough when the cards seem stacked against us, home is our refuge. We seek shelter, comfort, and an inner haven. We retreat to a sanctuary where we can heal, nurse our wounds, and gather the courage to fight our greatest battles, and defeat unbeatable odds.

Work deadlines, late nights, and early mornings exact a toll, and a short walk outside reminds you how it feels to breathe. The simple act of exercising outdoors forces your mind to focus on an alternating terrain. You may have no awareness of the process. As your feet tread on sandy soil, your nervous system communicates the conditions to your brain, which signals your muscles to make tiny adjustments. The neurons fly when you navigate a winding path, or when you alter your gate to avoid a puddle. It is a primal mechanism perfected over the millennium of our existence. Studies suggest a nature hike improves positive emotions and our general mood.

We are only human, weak, and feeble creatures attempting to find our way. But Mother Nature is on our side. Spending time with her helps us face the struggles that define the challenges for the adventurous. The valiant recognized satisfaction lies in reaching for the stars, they learn the joy of attaining their goal and realize true meaning is hidden within the journey.

How will you fight for your dream today?


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Jo Hawk The Writer

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