Writing Through Thick and Thin – Daily Quote


The exercise of writing every day teaches us many lessons. Some days your writing session is filled with wonder.  You look forward to the writing time, and words, sentences, and paragraphs become completed pages. The process is effortless. Other days you drag yourself to the keyboard. You feel uninspired, but you sit, force yourself to type, and like magic, the obstacles disappear, and you finish with more than you could have imagined. Then there are days when despite your best efforts, the words are crap.

Discipline makes you strong, you battle through, working, and writing until you reach your daily goal. The chances are, when you edit those hard-won words, you find gems you didn’t recognize when you wrote them. The truth is, even words written on a good day could be crap. Regardless, they exist on the page. They are words you can edit. Words you can spit-polish and shine to tell your best story.

How is your writing discipline developing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Writing Through Thick and Thin – Daily Quote

  1. Coming along. Been dealing with a bad sinus infection that has had my head hurting something fierce off and on during the day but yesterday was a day I struggled through to start my next article for one of he sites I post on – don’t know yet if it will be my Lakeland Musings site, Retirement and Good Living site, or someplace else but I did get 400 words written. Now today I need to add more and then give it some spit and polish before publishing it. Thanks for the push. 🙂

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    • Sorry to hear you have been suffering from a sinus infection, Irwin. I know the pain, and constant pressure that can make walking across the room seem like a major accomplishment. Congratulations for preserving and getting your post started. I hope you feel better soon. ❤


  2. I write most days. Well, weekdays, anyway. There are hard-fought days and easy days. I’m looking forward to a time in my life where the scales tip strongly in favor of easy days. Until then, even bad words put numbers in the “words written” column.

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  3. Writing every day is fine; often it’s enjoyable. I don’t know that I’d call it discipline, because I don’t consider myself much of a disciplined person. I do have a take-charge attitude that, well, takes charge when needed. Then I watch over all the details to make sure everything and everyone’s okay. It’s a disciplined approach.

    Actually, I’ve been thinking about chucking the writing for a while–excuse me, go on hiatus. I’m having an especially tough time in life and might need more room in my head and heart as well as more time. We’ll see. The nasty things have been unfolding and now are arrived. Writing, certainly, could help attend me through these things.

    I hope you are really well and writing is very good for you. Thanks for asking questions.

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    • Aw Christopher, I am sorry to hear life is presenting you with obstacles you must overcome. I can appreciate your desire to declare a hiatus while you attend to those nasty things.

      Be kind to yourself. Maybe splurge and purchase a new notebook to capture your thoughts during this difficult season. I am sure you will accomplish this test with grace and dignity. I am sending well wishes that this time passes quickly and resolves as a minor bump in the road that leads you to a much better situation. ❤


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