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I was that strange kid who couldn’t wait to start school. No teacher taught me how to read, I learned before kindergarten. I completed most of my homework while I sat listening to lectures. Extra credit work was fun, and I enrolled in every advanced placement class my school offered. As a result, A’s populated my report card. My lower marks reflected my associated boredom level.  An instructor once reprimanded me for working ahead in a math workbook, even though the answers were correct. I didn’t stop. Her class was boring.

I love challenges.  Cracking a code, solving a puzzle, or learning a new skill is exhilarating. Throw me in the deep end, and while I might thrash around and almost drown, chances are, I will soon be swimming like Michael Phelps. A wise man enlightened me on the benefits of becoming a perpetual learner. He warned me, that no one knows less than the person who thinks they know everything,

This week, I have been taking an online course, studying a topic I don’t yet understand. I am pushing my limits, making connections, and it is as scary as Nik Wallenda’s volcano walk. I am happier than a teacher on a snow day.

Are you pushing your limits?


Keep on writing.

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10 thoughts on “The Joys of Perpetual Learning – Daily Quote

  1. That’s remarkable💜 I remember loving school until I got to the 7th grade. That’s when we returned stateside (Dad was career Army) and we moved every year. I was always frightened that I wouldn’t be smart enough. But up until then? I was so very similar to you about school. I loved homework and taking tests because of the challenge.

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  2. I was horrible in school! Horrible! A’s rarely found their way onto my report card. And I hated school so much. But, I always loved learning. And realizing HOW I loved to learn was key. If I can touch it, see it, work with it — I can grasp it. It’s funny really, it’s even an issue today — I can’t listen to podcasts at all. I just wander and stop paying attention. But visually watching a masterclass by Ron Howard or Aaron Sorkin is everything! And I’m stretching my mind so much. I also started following a guy on tiktok who teaches signing. I am so interested in learning a new language and I think I’m going to learn how to sign! So, I don’t know if I’m pushing my limits. But I do love to learn. Just not the way I had too back in school. Hmmm. I need to think on that more. Thanks for this post. I’m going for a run and you’ve got me thinking. I love when that happens!

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    • Realizing our learning styles is key to becoming knowledgeable in any subject. Like you, I can’t listen to podcasts or audio books. They drone on, and I tune them out. I do the same thing with videos, but to a lessor extent, and I have figured out tricks that keep me engaged.

      I’m glad this got you thinking. Enjoy your run.

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