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This week overflowed with hustle, bustle, and problems to solve. I attended intense meetings, navigated personal dynamics, and invested early mornings coupled with late-night work sessions to move a large project toward the finish line. I climbed the exhaustion mountain, and I earned the tee shirt to prove it. While I enjoy meeting and interacting with others, it is a huge mental drain. I make small compromises, bowing to the group consensus, and read individual emotions to ensure everyone is happy and having a good time.

I long for the opportunity to follow my heart, with no need to consult anyone. Being alone is a precious joy. Would I care for another cup of coffee? Why, yes. Thank me. Calmness washes over me. My shoulders relax, tense muscles unclench, and I can breathe. A warm blanket, my current book, and silence helps me find a comfortable position in my favorite chair.

The freedom to do, or not do as I see fit, allows me to hear my inner thoughts. I think about my interactions, contemplate conversations, and take notes of new ideas, record things I don’t want to forget, and remind myself of further questions I wish to clarify. I realign the pieces that complete me.

How do you refuel?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Starring in My Weekend Symphony – Daily Quote

  1. Coffee, shoulders, breath, book, blanket, chair, freedom. Sounds just right.

    Yesterday, I got a new faucet put in for one that had been leaking steadily. Today, I find myself cleaning and rearranging things around it. And I’m surprised how having bits of new space and clean space uplifts. Though often I drive to nowhere in particular, stop somewhere, and read a book I’ve brought.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, and sorry if it’s cliche. Have you read H Is for Hawk? I have, recently. The narrative is both detailed and passionate. And we learn so much about hawks.

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    • Ah, Spring Cleaning. I love sweeping away the remnants of winter, and letting a fresh breeze clear, stale air. Unfortunately, it is only 45 here today. Still too cold to open doors and windows.

      I was not aware of that book. Looks like I will need to add it to my TBR list. I hope you have a great weekend.


  2. Being retired, even though we do still have certain commitments, I do not find the need to refuel that often in life. But when I do, sitting at my computer attempting to write a short piece (or long depending on how much time I want to spend), reading some book I have put off for a while, or just sitting and day-dreaming is my best way to refuel.

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