Capturing Meaning in the Mundane – Daily Quote


Rain, rain, go away. If you lived on a different planet, you might wish it would never rain. Rain, in the form of water, only falls on our blue marble. Venus’ atmospheric condition creates hot sulfuric acid rain. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, offers icy methane rainstorms. On Mars expect dry-ice snow, Jupiter rains liquid helium, and the Sun provides plasma rain. Most amazing of all, scientists speculate extreme pressure and temperature can create diamonds in the atmospheres of Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter. At lower levels, the diamonds liquefy and fall as rain on the surface.

We should consider ourselves lucky that we don’t have to contend with flesh-melting precipitation. By comparison, plain old H2O sounds wonderful. Earthly rainfall evokes impressions of sadness, rejection, and despair on chilly gray days. But it also creates feelings of rebirth, emotional and physical cleansing, and renewal. In desert locations, a single shower can lift human spirits, signal relief, and contribute to the continuation of life. The precious water is a cause for celebration.

Writers accept a challenge to transform mundane occurrences, natural phenomenon, and unconnected events and give them new significance. We needn’t live on Saturn to see diamonds glittering in the misty sky. An evening sunset turns showers golden. Moonlight imparts raindrops with silver hues reflecting in puddles, suggesting imminent peril, and we glace over our shoulder as we hurry across the deserted parking lot.

What meaning do you notice in your everyday life?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. so much and too much to mention, every single thing has been created for mankind to enjoy and be filled with wonder, not just the poets and the writers, even little children will give you some amazing answers asked the right questions. but water by far is one of the most amazing elements in the world. your post has been feeling a little more blessed that we can appreciate the world around us.

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