Writing Despite the Fear – Daily Quote


I work on a word count basis and track my results. However, my daily word count is nowhere near three thousand words. Lately, I have struggled with the blank page. It is not surprising given the confused state of my brain. Some days I generate only a handful of unintelligible words. Other times I discover sentences, paragraphs, and pages completed by the end of my writing session. I am always surprised when I have a productive day.

Thankfully, I had a firmly established daily writing habit before stay-at-home orders, and social distancing messed with my headspace. It is a ritual I try to maintain regardless of the challenges I face. I don’t worry about the adjustments we are facing because I have been here before. When I first began along this path, I was lucky to manage one hundred words. My writing was sporadic, and it was rare for me to write on consecutive days.

Setbacks happen, life throws curve balls and we have choices to make. We can sit in the bleachers, wring our hands, fret and worry or we can take an at-bat. Standing at the plate is scary. Babe Ruth, the home run king, also led the league in strikeouts five times. He accumulated 1,330 strikeouts during his career. Not every swing will connect. I expect plenty of misses. Every day I swing for the fences.

Will you step up to the plate today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Writing Despite the Fear – Daily Quote

  1. Yes! I am stepping up to the plate and doing what needs to be done to take care of 6 people at home 24/7 – dishes, cooking, laundry, animal chores. 🙂 I thought I could do a lot more writing but that is not how it has worked out.

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    • You have a lot on your plate, my friend. I know you are doing fantastic, but I encourage you to enlist help from the others in your home. My great-grandmother always said, “many hands make light work.” Maybe that will help you find a few minutes for yourself. 🙂 Good luck.

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