Social Media and Creativity’s Resurgence – Daily Quote


I remember playing as a kid. It was a magical time. Apple trees magically transformed into space stations. A sandbox set the stage for a town with a moat. The bare spot under a row of pines was a deep, dank dungeon below a giant castle. Epic adventures, to distant lands filled with mystical creatures, were only a heartbeat away. Inspiration floated on the breeze, shadows created villains, and dappled sunlight illuminated the path to a happy ending.

We deride social media for encroaching on the wellspring of ideas. Our minds are seldom allowed the freedom of downtime. The minute we disconnect, we grow anxious. We fear we will miss something important, and feel uncomfortable, no longer friends with silence. Our hands shake, we break out in cold sweats, and we hallucinate thinking we hear our phone beep. We are strung out on technology’s constant stimulation and in need of intervention.

In some ways, COVID-19 has redeemed Social Media’s value. When we are forced into practicing social isolation, and social distancing, it provides a way for us to stay connected. We have become reliant on it for work, school, and any interactions we would typically have outside the home. But it has also fueled a surge in creativity. When we unplug, when we allow our mind the quiet it craves, creativity comes out to play.

How will you nurture your imagination today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

10 thoughts on “Social Media and Creativity’s Resurgence – Daily Quote

  1. This does feel like “old times,” where we used our imaginations, read books, rode bikes, climbed trees, skipped stones n the water, etc. to keep ourselves entertained. We haven’t done this for so long… I feel like the dolphins that we saw in Venice finally coming out, because a peacefulness has taken over the earth or seeing the Himalayas, because there is no pollution. I’m not sure if that was true, but it would be wonderful if it is. 🙂

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