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Physical exhaustion, sore muscles, and sweat top my list of things to avoid. I realize exercise’s benefits, but I prefer to disguise my daily dose wrapping my sessions inside other activities. Yoga, dancing, gardening, housework, and long walks are more to my liking. This week, I have noticed feelings of lethargy with no increase in my routine. I’m not surprised, because I’ve been here before. Symptoms suggest mental fatigue, and maybe you recognize some of them.

Experts point to high-pressure situations, financial stress, being a caregiver, poor work-life balance, and lack of social support as common causes for mental exhaustion. A crisis like COVID-19 might precipitate these conditions. While we are staying at home, we face too much. Too many decisions to make with insufficient information. Too much work steaming from creating home-based offices and classrooms. Concerns over job stability, money matters, and inadequate separation between work and personal time enters the equation. In caring for children, family members, and friends, we often neglect to care for ourselves. Insomnia or trouble sleeping fuels the spiral into fatigue.

There are ways to regain your normal energy levels, but they take effort, and they are not always easy to implement. One tactic is making fewer decisions. This may mean delegating responsibilities to others or enlisting their help in lightening the load. Getting outside lifts your mood, and exercise that makes your body tired can encourage relaxation at bedtime. Today I cranked the music loud enough to drown my bad singing and danced with my family. They are snoozing, and I am ready for a good night’s sleep.

Are you taking care of yourself?


Keep on writing.

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  1. I feel the same, lethargic, but then I go outside and it has been COLD and the air is FRESH and suddenly I am rejuvenated. These are strange times, no question about it. Hang in there, these are emotions you could use in your book for your characters, n’es pas?

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    • I know we will get though this, never a doubt in my mind. Still change can be stressful. We all sometimes need a reminder that we are not alone, and it is okay to take care of ourselves before we assist others. Thanks for your support Roberta. ❤

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