Driving Out Darkness and Hate – Daily Quote


My heart weeps.

The world’s population, suffering from an invisible virus, has highlighted incredible kindness and self-sacrifice. In contrast, the overt act of one individual’s inhumanity towards another is reprehensible and appalling. There is enough pain. When an individual violates social trust, we must take appropriate, measured action. Nothing good happens in demanding an eye for an eye, in the senseless destruction and burning of property, or in harming unrelated parties.  I understand fear, anger, frustration, and the desire for wrongdoers to face justice. However, exacting misplaced revenge perpetuates a cycle without a logical end.

Perhaps I am naïve to believe most people do not act with malice in their hearts. When we connect with each other, I find we have more in common to unite us than differences to separate us. We want to live in peace, provide for our families, preserve dignity, and command respect.  Calm and candid conversations advance understanding highlights differing viewpoints and reveals core similarities and common ground. Together we can confront human issues. Together is the only means to forging a way forward.

Love, compassion, and a willingness to treat others as we wish to be treated move us toward a better world.

How will you show kindness?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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