Damn the Muse, Full Speed Ahead – Daily Quote 


Perfecting my writing ritual is a daily focus. I find the answer to getting my work done is not waiting for inspiration to arrive. Honestly, when does genius call on us to draft a report, or update a spreadsheet?  I stack my odds for success. Each evening, I develop an agenda for the next morning, I detail the items to accomplish, and I arrange my working space. Sitting at my computer, I don’t waste precious minutes searching for the right project, I only need to type. 

The specific session goals have a particular order. I fill the number one spot with the hardest item. The first task changes daily. It may be something I have been pushing, leaving it to linger at the bottom of the list, or it might be something important. Completing my assignment can be easy, a huge challenge, but I still write for my allotted hours, or until I achieve my goal. Finishing is the key, perfection is not. The difficult days are becoming fewer, reaching my target is becoming less grueling, and I am creating more words in the assigned time.

What step are you taking to ensure your writing sessions are a success? 


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Sometimes you need to grind through. I hate doing it, but I find my prose isn’t any worse than when I am inspired. I don’t have a writing schedule, but I find setting a firm word count goal before starting for the day helps. No video games until 2000 new words are on the screen. 🙂

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