Marking the First Day of Summer – Daily Quote


The calendar says today is the first day of summer, yet I’m not sure how it arrived too fast. My sense of the seasons is off, a fact I attribute to not planting my garden this year. The challenges presented by 2020 meant something had to give.

Moving from spring plantings to summer’s bounty has always been marked by the progression of my tiny farming efforts. Sowing, transplanting, watering, and weeding are exercises requiring patience while we wait for blossoms and marvel as the plants set fruit. Corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and summer squash lend to the feel and smells I associate with warm summer evenings. Basil, mint, dill, and coriander provide mouthwatering spices.

There is great joy in grazing in the garden. Bright strawberries get added to beet tops, fresh-cut mesclun, and chives. If we are lucky, the early tomatoes ripen before the lettuce bolts. But the local farmer’s market helps supplement fresh meals. Thankfully, my farmer’s market is running, albeit with modifications, so I won’t miss my garden too much.

What signals summer for you?


Keep on writing.

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14 thoughts on “Marking the First Day of Summer – Daily Quote

  1. Summer has always been the time I get to sit outdoors to write, away from technology and all those lists of things I haven’t yet done… So far, this hasn’t happened yet, and not looking very likely at this time…
    but I’m holding out for a miracle anyway…

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  2. I agree, this summer feels after the fact. As a teacher, the start of summer is pre-signaled by the end of the school year, which is happening however oddly. June means strawberries to me, and I was the gracious recipient of some locally-grown strawberries the other day. As I drive around my locales, the farms will have their smells, and tourist traffic will increase. (I live near some places to which people travel frequently.) I really like your description of planting herbs and vegetables. They are so much better when grown this way. Happy Summer!

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    • I do love my garden, and strawberries from the garden just taste sweeter than anything store bought. You are right when our schedules are altered, it messes with our sense of time. Thank heaven my phone reminds me what day it is, otherwise I would be totally lost. Happy Summer, Christopher.


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