Ditching Your Fear to Sit in the Driver’s Seat – Daily Quote


Its Monday morning, the alarm sounds, and you slap the snooze button repeatedly until silence rules. Sweet, beguiling sleep is elusive, and you lose the valiant battle. Groaning, you burrow into once warm covers, hoping to block the ugly realities looming with the breaking dawn. Daylight is much scarier than the deep, dark night. Dread, despair, and the feeling of preordained defeat pushes you into your hollow cocoon of denial. Was it always this way? Do you remember when bright-eyed and bushy-tailed described your daily greeting to the day’s potential?

Courage and fear go hand in hand, two sides of the same coin, yin and yang, the shadow to the sunshine. They say those who search for bravery lack confidence in themselves. In today’s crazy upside-down world, unpredictability laced with anxiety is the name of the new game. They masquerade as procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. Does that sound familiar to any of my writer friends?

Even sensitive, introverted, timid, and over-stressed souls can summon the audacity and inner pluck to move, listen to their Jiminy Cricket voice, and saddle up.

Can you find your untapped courage today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

18 thoughts on “Ditching Your Fear to Sit in the Driver’s Seat – Daily Quote

  1. I have the feeling that whatever courage I had, has burnt to a crisp in last nights high temperature, the fact that we have at least two more nights of it does not sit well…
    Some things just cannot be fought, just endured and I’m getting good at that!

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  2. I’m with you, John Wayne, and Bilbo Baggins in believing courage happens in spite of fear, even the fear that doesn’t go away. I also go with the comments above regarding endurance. Sometimes that is all we have. Fortunately, often by that time it is enough.

    Anxiety does seem to be the modern fear we have to deal with. Maybe it’s not the fear that goes with actual battle but with battle nonetheless. What do we have to use? Inner resources, worldly means such as therapy and medication, and each other.

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    • Wow, your comment about the battle with nothingness is telling, and merits further thought. Fear of being alone is ingrained in human DNA, and part of the reason we seek to find our tribe. But we are living in times where reaching out to others comes with inherent risks. I will have to mull that over. Thanks for that. 🙏

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