The Shifting Landscape of Facts, and Figures that Derail Your Dreams – Daily Quote 


When I was in school, the teachers taught facts, drilled them into our heads, and tested how well we remembered them. I believed the hype. I joined the debate team. Winning required developing a strong case for your position, defending it with irrefutable evidence, and showing the fallacy and ill-logical conclusions presented by the opposing team. Easy-peasy. Facts win. Until they change.

Pluto used to be a planet, once there were only four oceans, Mount Everest may not be the tallest mountain, and the Brontosaurus never existed. Facts represent the best knowledge we currently have. History is full of examples of things humans once considered being “facts” that we no longer believe. Leaches anyone?

Basing decisions on irrefutable facts is like walking on shifting sand. It becomes an exercise in futility that only delays action. It the face of changing facts, what are us mere mortals supposed to do? I am opting for grabbing hold of my dream and running with it.

What facts are stopping you from pursuing your dreams?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “The Shifting Landscape of Facts, and Figures that Derail Your Dreams – Daily Quote 

  1. Well, right now it’s all this destruction going on. It’s hard to be a happy, creative writer. Did you see the San Francisco Bay Area? I lived there over 20 years… we NEVER had lightning storms. This is so scary for them. I just read that a Copenhagen Blogger said they have had weird dark storms like we did in Chicago… SAME thing that she had never seen before either. We are in strange times. Stay well.

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    • Yes it is easy to be overwhelmed. I know the current situation has stifled my creativity, but I push forward. Weather is an amazing, wonderful, terrifying, and inspiring force. I remember lightning storms, and heat lightning. It is incredible to see the sky flicker and flash. We are in interesting times. my friend. Stay well

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