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What is your definition of “Impossible”? Something no one has done? Or something you don’t think you can accomplish? I couch my “impossibilities” as problems seeking answers. That interpretation creates solvable equations, and solving them requires effort. If the goal is doable, it’s a matter of completing the required work. Climbing Mt Everest is possible, over 4,000 people have reached it, but it comes with a price. Your hope of attaining the summit may cost you your life. Naming the Impossible’s entrance fee leaves the rest to you. Are you willing to ante up?

The solution’s phase two is commitment. Find your burning desire, and bolster your resolve to complete the work that will advance you toward your goal. Don’t expect others to support you because chances are they won’t. Grow accustomed to failing. Soichiro Honda once said, “Success is 99% failure.” The key is picking yourself up and continuing the journey.

Another trick is to stop doing stupid stuff. Any unnecessary activity is an excuse, a self-sabotaging barrier. Try cultivating your inner parent. It helps if you create a voice in your head telling you to quit playing games and get your homework done.

Life presents daily challenges, and without impossible challenges, where would humanity be? I prefer to take charge and transform my world from a guided tour to a self-directed adventure.

What is the cost of your “impossible” dream?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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