Supervising Your Gremlins, Listening to Your Angels, and the Quest for a Quiet Weekend – Daily Quote 


I knew I was biting off more than I could chew, but I did it anyway. By nature, I am optimistic, confident in my abilities, and a confirmed workaholic. I routinely accomplish more than most people. Others have chided me warning me to slow down, so I don’t make them look bad. On Sunday evening, when I complete my weekly calendar, I ignored the sweet little cherub who begged me to exercise caution. My pen coaxed my fingers to run amok, and they gleefully filled in every hour of every day. When they finished, I had five days scheduled back to back, morning, noon, and night. For good measure, I added additional jobs in the margins.

Surprise, I didn’t get everything done. Repotting my plants, finding the correct replacement part for the broken oven ignitor, and installing the new kitchen garbage/recycling system are outstanding items. For several undertakings, I am waiting on, ahem, someone else to supply the requested information. I love highlighting the completed tasks. This week the color is an obnoxious neon pink. Looking at my planner, you would assume I must have sat eating bonbons yesterday, but my sore muscles would tell you otherwise.

I want nothing more than a quiet weekend of sleeping late, enjoying a great cup of coffee, and reading a delightful book. Another voice reminds me I hate transferring uncompleted projects onto next week’s schedule. I know which side will win. This Sunday, the first task on my list is to rein in my gremlin.

What’s on your weekend agenda?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Supervising Your Gremlins, Listening to Your Angels, and the Quest for a Quiet Weekend – Daily Quote 

  1. Weekends are weird in our house, with not much time between commitments for relaxing. So this weekend, I am walking outside and attending to the autumn duties in the garden and everything else can just go hang!

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