Honor Your True Self by Ignoring Other People’s Good Advice – Daily Quote 


Often the most difficult tasks to achieve, masquerade as the easiest. As we struggle to succeed, it is easy to compare our skills and our progress with everyone else. We listen to advice from teachers, family members, and friends without realizing their advice represents their choices. If we neglect to choose our path in favor of a consensus, we lose ourselves. Doubts cloud our judgment, and we succumb to our insecurities and fears.

Honoring our authentic selves means determining what matters most. We must place less reliance on the opinions of those around us since trying to satisfy everyone is a guaranteed way to please no one and to make ourselves miserable in the process. Regardless of our choices, we will never gain everyone’s approval. Releasing the need to subjugate our genuine desires is an important step towards discovering who we really are.

How will you be true to yourself today?


Keep on writing.

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  1. Today, I will probably ignore the usual complaints and well-meaning advice, all aimed at making me someone they want me to be. They don’t know my secret, that I quite like who I am and couldn’t change, even if I wanted to…

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