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I don’t recall my first attempt at written goals. I remember having detailed lists when I was in high school. The habit followed me to college. Over time, I refined the format and changed my process to better suit my needs. It has become part of my DNA. Like Howe, I notice when I write my goals and commit to completing them, they get finished. Magical, right? I prefer to think of it as a hyper-focus.

It may be a well-established habit, but it requires dedication. Today, I find myself behind on a deadline. The date has passed, and I cannot remove it from the list. I have good news. The task is more than half done, and I have reached my anger point.

Anger is a great motivator, and I am more determined to finish. Knowing myself, I suspect a few late nights and a big push in my future. I also set a new completion date. If I succeed, I will complete the project one week later than initially planned.

How do you cope with missed deadlines?


Keep on writing.

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5 thoughts on “A Blown Deadline Doesn’t Make You A Failure — All Is Not Lost – Daily Quote 

  1. I’m a punctual and fastidious writer who has never not made a deadline ever-have written twenty hours a day for months to avoid being late–find that challenging and fun. I wrote a post about how to avoid dealine problems, including not worryng about that because doing that saps yfour energy and focus that should go into completing the work and not be wasted on fruitless worry and guilt.

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    • That is good to know. The deadline I missed, was not a writing related and it has no impact on anyone. Like you I don’t miss commitments I have made to others. Goals I set for myself are always ambitious, and some would say they are impossible. As in life, there are deadlines that are non-negotiable, while a few offer some flexibility. Worrying about them is not productive.

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