The Joy of the Right Tool, In Its Assigned Place, Makes Your Work Fly — Daily Quote


I thrive in organized and systematic environments. I consider efficiency, speed, and precision, the primary indicators of the ultimate success and satisfaction of every endeavor I undertake. Having the proper tool for the job is paramount. As a planner, my first step before launching a project is a well-conceived plan. I gather my supplies before I set to work. When everything is ready, the conductor steps to his podium raises his baton, and the music swells.

That is how I orchestrate my life under normal circumstances, but all bets are off with a house remodel that complicates my everyday routine. They pack my possessions into neatly labeled boxes and stacked row upon row, from the floor to the ceiling. I am displaced, living where nothing is in its familiar, assigned space. Kitchen gadgets, once taken for granted, are not accessible. Basic tasks that once required only muscle memory to accomplish now demand attention, though, and extra time. While I expected obstacles, I was unprepared for the difficulties associated with the simple stuff.

I take comfort in knowing the day approaches when I can sift through the cartons, return my tools to their homes, and resume practiced dances with my intimate friends.

How do you cope with unexpected challenges?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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