Taming the Optimistic Urges of Your Workaholic Commitment Junkie – Daily Quote 


New Year, new goals, feeling invincible, wanting to erase past hardships, and replace them with better expectations can lead to an overloaded schedule. My calendar confirms the legitimacy of that claim. I am exhausted from reviewing my commitments. There are lingering projects I am determined to place in the finished column. The siren call of exciting adventures begs me to commit and start the journey. Other factors make me pause. There is the day job, family responsibilities, household chores, grocery shopping, exercise routines, and snow shoveling competing for my limited time. I need a nap.

Even with added responsibilities and heightened expectations, I included a few more items to my daily program. I am taking care of myself to keep my energy at optimum levels. The recipe calls for rigorous adherence to getting enough sleep. I wasn’t kidding about the nap. They say the best results are relaxing for 10 to 30 minutes between 2 and 3 pm.

I have committed to observing my water intake, ensuring I am well hydrated. Monitoring alcohol consumption is another priority, as it can contribute to dehydration and feeling tired. I know it is easier said than done since taking care of yourself can seem self-indulgent. I have long maintained how important it is to take care of yourself if you want to operate at optimal levels. You help others best when you are healthy and well-rested. The last thing I am adding is a recommitment to my yoga practice as it helps me remain centered and calm when confronting stress. But first — that nap.

How do you take care of yourself?


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2 thoughts on “Taming the Optimistic Urges of Your Workaholic Commitment Junkie – Daily Quote 

  1. These are great steps to take! They seem doable, able to be done because you first decide to do them.

    I’m trying to avoid stress and, if it arrives anyway, trying to let it go (send it on its way). I can say it’s a heart-disease matter, though I imagine there’s more to it than that.

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    • Avoiding stress is tricky. Managing stress, devolving coping tactics and creating a process for letting it go tend to work better for me. Yoga and meditation is key for me. Sorry to learn of the heart disease, but it sounds like you are on the right path to find the right answers for you. 💕💗💕

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