Own Your Freedom, Accept the Consequences, and Fly – Daily Quote 


How many times have you heard someone lament they want to be free? What does that mean to you? Is it the ability to do whatever you what whenever your heart desires? Do you wish to act or change without constraint? The reality is so much more. Every action, each decision, has consequences, and any blame falls on our shoulders.

There is a secret to realizing the autonomy you seek. It involves taking responsibility and holding yourself accountable. Those two elements are inseparable and contradictory opposites, like Yin and Yang, darkness and light, young and old. Holding one requires you to maintain a balance with the other and attaining true freedom means exercising control. The powers that be do not automatically grant us our desires, but they are easy enough for us to take. We must use them with virtue, knowledge, and compassion. If we are lucky, those qualities transform into wisdom, and we can truly fly.

What will you do with your freedom?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Own Your Freedom, Accept the Consequences, and Fly – Daily Quote 

  1. I think freedom has different meanings, depending on your circumstance.
    Secretly, I would love to be free of family constraints, the duties and the constant demands.
    But I find precious moments of true freedom in my writing and alone in my garden, which is better than nothing…

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