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Our staycation activities director didn’t come out of her room until almost lunchtime yesterday. When she emerged, she was a bit disheveled, and definitely not her usual self. As she shuffled past me on the way to the shower, I swear I caught the faint aroma of hazelnut chocolate, and unless my eyes were deceiving me, she wore a dark smudge on her right jawbone, just below her ear. Perhaps I should have warned her about the dark truffle liquor centers? Maybe not, since she was rather mellow most of the day.

My body, tired from the previous day’s frantic driveway shoveling antics, rejoiced in the lack of games. Quiet activities ruled. The guests were subdued, absorbed in their independent pursuits, as I tiptoed away to confirm my reservation. The spa had my name written on an engraved invitation. Oh, the joy. Warm vanilla, with hints of roses, jasmine, and raspberry, perfumed the air. My tub, the source of the fragrant mix, was filled with scented water. Soft music played in the background. Nearby, candles flickered, my favorite hazelnut coffee beckoned, and I slipped into a state of bliss.

When I reluctantly emerged from my palace of solitude, heated towels swaddled me before I donned an oversized fluffy white robe and lush terry slippers. My nerves felt less frazzled, my skin no longer itched from the ravages of winter dryness, and sore muscles relaxed. Clearing my Wednesday hump day hurdle never felt so good.

How do you relax?


Keep on writing.

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13 thoughts on “Shed Your Stress, Ease Tired Bones, and Rediscover Your Joy – Daily Quote 

  1. The cruise narrative is engaging! I’m glad there are so many enjoyable touches for enjoyment on the journey. I relax by having more coffee, which seems antithetical, or by stretching out to nap, whether or not I fall asleep.

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    • Christopher that does not sound antithetical at all. ☕ I drink coffee all day long precisely because it relaxes me. ☕ The caffeine also helps manage my migraines. ☕ I often sob a little when I reach the end of a pot. 😄😄

      I wish I had the luxury of extending a nap. I have window of time available, so I take what I can get.

      Hope you are having a great day

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      • Thank you for the comment about coffee (and about naps). Sometimes I have coffee in the evening, because I’m sure it will relax me. I’m so sorry to hear about the migraines. My sister has these, and they are miserable (as you know). I have headaches (not migraines)–and, yes, the caffeine helps. The last few days have been all right. I rushed around a little before getting snowed in. Now I am, and it’s okay. I hope you’re doing all right with the weather.

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      • So right. Migraines, or just plain headaches are no fun at all. Being prepared for the weather is second nature to me, though I did run to the store today for a couple of items in advance of tomorrows forecast of another 3-5 inches of snow. I am glad to hear you are save and sound in your snowbound world. I hear its a great excuse to get some writing done. 😄😄☕☕ Stay warm.


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