Rethink, Reduce, and Eliminate Your Storage Footprint and Uphold A New Year’s Resolution – Daily Quote 


The jury is in – all votes have been counted – the truth is undeniable. Our staycation activities director is a sadist. I thought the idea of a vacation, whether stay at home or escape from home destinations, was to relax, unwind, and enjoy activities you don’t have time to pursue during the everyday grind. She did not get the memo. I had envisioned mimosas and massages, but her idea of fun and games was to perform a Marie Kondo on the storage locker. Yep, you heard me. Who rents a U-Haul in January?

It is difficult for me to admit, but she had a point, as less than twenty items languished in an 8 x 10 unit. There is also the matter of the New Year’s Resolution which states we should live with less and keep only the things we love. So, we bit the bullet, and heaved, lifted, tugged, and carted until we loaded everything, and then we drove the truck home, where the reverse process ensued. One benefit was nobody broke into a sweat because it was far too cold. At home, we rearranged, sorted, found places for everything, and then totally exhausted, we collapse on the couch.

Thank goodness it’s Friday, and she had the good grace to serve a celebratory drink. She scowled at me when I asked for a double. I didn’t care. My muscles were already complaining, and I know Saturday will involve lots of soreness. I hope she doesn’t have any more bright ideas. I think I need to go back to work.

Do you need a vacation from your vacation?


Keep on writing.

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9 thoughts on “Rethink, Reduce, and Eliminate Your Storage Footprint and Uphold A New Year’s Resolution – Daily Quote 

  1. Good for you! At first, when I read reduce storage I thought of my photos and computer. Last year, I worked on my house as you are doing. Amazing that we feel good about it and a few months later, we want to get rid of more!! In December I started tackling the photos on my Iphone/computer. We take photos that we need at the moment, but don’t delete them afterwards, they take storage space. So, I am working on that. So, true — our mind is clear when we have less. Maria Kondo makes it seem so easy, right! Did you finish your remodel?

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    • Thank you. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe says “Less is more.” I have always agreed. The pandemic really derailed the remodel. We waited 4.5 months for kitchen cabinets. It is nearly done. We are down to the punch list that never ends, but I am slowly reclaiming rooms. The one I am most excited about is my new office. There is nothing more to do in that room and it is totally empty, and I can now begin to move things in. Nothing goes in that I don’t love, or that serves a purpose. There is nothing like a clean slate. 💕💗💕

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      • Wow, this is good news for you. With the snow storm, you can definitely move into your office with no distractions, because we can’t really drive anywhere. At least for us, these side roads are so full of snow… better to stay home. 2021 victory for you!! A beautiful office is wonderful!

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      • Yes. Comfy is key. Right now I am using a kitchen chair, but I have my eye on an office chair I used before. The only way birds are coming to my window is if I stick a feeder in the front yard. Wonder what the neighbors would say?🐦🐤🦆

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