Unexpected Twists, Abrupt Turns, Sudden Stops, and Altering Your Perspective — Daily Quote 


The universe is full of signs. Signs she wants us to recognize, internalize, and maximize. She can be subtle, but she becomes annoyed when you do not pick up on the breadcrumbs she strews in your path. Prepare for a rude awakening if you are preoccupied, obtuse, and don’t notice. Your lack of awareness guarantees she smacks you right between the eyes with the message you’ve been missing.

It happened to me yesterday as I sorted through a backlog of less important emails. I was quite bored, somewhat distracted, and anticipating this specific chore’s completion. Bargaining with myself, I agreed to open one last email, and this sentence hit me, “The unexpected is to be expected.” I sat in stunned silence. Even the soothing playlist crooning from my earbuds faded from my consciousness. The world shifted on its axis, my perspective changed, and the trail markers I passed without seeing now came into focus.

The sudden glitches, the perceived brick walls, and the uncontrollable forward movement followed by the whiplashing abrupt stops weren’t problems. Well, they felt like complications I needed to solve before this phrase altered my outlook. Fresh eyes viewed them as gifts. The most arduous way to climb a steep mountain is to draw a straight, narrow course and proceed by staying on the shortest route. Seasoned hikers ascend the same summit by following natural grades, utilizing switchbacks, and conserving their energy. The road they follow may entail more covered miles, but the journey develops a unique beauty when you move slower, stop at the junctions labeled as a “Scenic Viewpoint,” and enjoy the picture postcards laid out before you.

Chances are you will still reach your destination ahead of those walking the straight line.

Have you taken a moment to enjoy your journey’s views?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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