Do Not Disturb, and the Quest for Your Perfect Creative Space — Daily Quote 


I don’t remember when I last booked a hotel suite, checked in, and focused on my work for an entire weekend. Working in a fantastic location with a commanding view, 24-hour room service, and inspiration galore for a full seven days has never happened. Boy, if I felt self-indulgent, I could entertain my fantasy of directing all my focus, energy, and dedication to a project that was only important to me. Imagine the word count I could accumulate.

It is a dream of many of us artistic types. What masterpieces would we create with a week free from life’s demands, a dedicated space, and zero interruptions? We require a magnificent venue, inspiring music, our favorite pen, a lucky vision board, and a host of other talismans to set the stage. Perhaps if the planets assumed a favorable alignment well, I would exhaust my list of excuses of why I’m not writing. Life is messy. Challenges multiply whenever you decide to attempt something novel, and waiting for perfection before we take action, is a delay tactic.

There is nothing wrong with where you are today, doing what you can to accomplish one small step forward amid your daily pressures. I created my Do Not Disturb sign and hung it for all to see. I have no illusions I will experience countless hours of solitude or needle-moving progress. But with a bit of luck and solid determination, I plan on accomplishing big things. Who knows, I might even write a book.

What are you doing today to move the needle?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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